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The Fallen ~ Live in Bremen, 2018

Empires On fire ~ Live at LOLA

Haunted Life ~ Live at Frank's Bodega

Long Way Down ~ Live at Barden Treffen

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          Melbourne's world-touring, hugely popular 6-piece, The Wishing Well,          creates spellbinding sounds
             with wistful violins, oceanic cello and majestic rhythms all melded to             achingly haunting vocals.

Life on the border

Released 2007

Fire in the Valley

Released 2010

Black dragon river

Released 2015

Live in Germany

Released 2016

Europe 2020 Tour dates

July 11, 2020, Open Air Ottersweier, Ottersweier (near Baden Baden), Germany

July 14, Franziskaner, Bad Saulgau (near Konstanz), Germany

August 8, 2020, Schmidt Festival, Trier, Germany

August 10, 2020, Woche der kleinen Künste Festival, Gutersloh, Germany

August 14, Kultur Unter Glas Festival, Braunschweig, Germany

Sept 4, Mandy’s Lounge, Bad Homburg (near Trier), Germany

August 30, 2020, Rittergut Treben, Treben (near Leipzig), Germany

September 12, 2020, Elbenkonzerte Festival, Elben (near Halle), Germany

September 18, Kulturkneipe Hirsch, Metzingen-Glems (near Ulm), Germany

September 20, Kurbisfest, Beringen, Luxembourg

September 26, Larifari, Leutkirch (near Munich), Germany

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Black Dragon River

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Fire in the Valley

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Life on the Border

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Live in Germany

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Captured Live

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